Tarot Card readings: Unmasking the myths and mysteries of the Tarot with a modern day, updated interpretation and vision of the cards in a relaxed-style conversation.  Possible solutions can be exchanged, aiming to change issues into opportunities.  I'm a very down to earth type person who only wants to help you deal with an issue. Tarot readings are a two-way conversation to explore all possibilities!  It helps if you need a question to be answered, especially those questions which you have nowhere else to ask for answers or solutions.  It's amazing how the cards can be of tremendous help in these circumstances.  I work mainly with video calls to enable face to face conversations.  This works just as well as meeting in the same room.  An appointment would usually be made for 30 minutes .. but if the chat is going well, or if issues are not resolved, we could still be deliberating somewhat longer!  In certain circumstances I could carry out readings over the phone or by email if you prefer .. but a video link is by far the best approach!   I require payment in advance of any appointment, to be made by online bank transfer or PayPal.

Services:  Private video readings: and when it is safe - House Parties: Fetes: Fairs: Charity Events, etc.


Kate Fulwell.  Now in my autumn years, I was widowed in 2015 and have spent the past 10 years supporting wives and widows of Prostate Cancer sufferers by way of two FaceBook groups.  During my working life I was originally a Police Officer and latterly, before enforced medical retirement, I was an in-store Security Manager with the country's largest food retailer.  Retirement and a new husband brought about a decade of antique dealership!  There was then a period of almost 5 years where I had to become a carer/nurse to my husband until he died.  It took some time to move away from total grief .. but then this new journey presented itself.

In 2020 I had the opportunity to join a Tarot Master Class under the mentorship of Richard Knight – this country’s leading Psychic Medium and Tarot Coach – and then to move forward to his Tarot Academy where I was successfully accredited.

During the pandemic it has been necessary to carry out card readings and coaching via video link – a method which is likely to continue for some time. These live video meetings are very successful and I do my best to create a relaxed and conducive atmosphere.  We still have the opportunity of the two-way conversation which is critical when trying to resolve problems and issues using the cards as a guide.  Please get in touch to find out how you and I can get together with the cards to find out what might be out there for you in this big wide world!


The Royal Thai Tarot Deck.  I have a true emotional connection with Thailand - Phuket in particular.  It has remained my 'second home' for over 25 years.  I decided to use this deck of Tarot cards as they are rarely seen in this country and the images on the cards have a very traditional Thai theme.  Bright, colourful and very different from cards which are traditionally used in the UK.  These cards remind me of such happy times in my life.  It will be interesting to see the locals' reaction when I turn up with them on my next visit!

The deck was created by a Thai man called Sungkom Horharin. The art and architecture in Thailand's cities and in the Grand Palace, were the inspirations for the deck.  I can understand that having visited the Grand Palace myself! Five years were spent researching and collecting information about the old traditions of Siam, Buddhist sects, and Thai history. Sungkom, a self-proclaimed Tarot Master, was said to be the first Tarot aficionado in Thailand during the 1980s.


  I had a reading from RiverBank Tarot.  What a wonderful experience.
Such a talented lady.  I felt at ease and was made to feel relaxed and confident.
I went on a little journey from start to finish.  Can't thank you enough.
  Jo T.

I had an amazing reading today.  I came with heaviness in my heart, dread and questions.  All of my questions were answered and the positivity I came away with was so uplifting and put my worried mind at ease.  I totally recommend a reading.  Thank you so very much. Ingrid C.


Brilliant reading from Kate who gave me so much insight into the potential that lies ahead.  Kate was calm, professional and skilled in her tarot reading. I wish you all the very best and I would highly recommend you as a tarot reader.
Debbie M.

Thank you so much for my reading - you immediately made me feel at home and comfortable. You have such a kind and interested manner.  Really insightful reading and I will definitely do another in the future. Made me think quite deeply about the direction in which I should go, and really helped to 'steady all my plates' and decide which to put on the shelf!  I would highly recommend you for readings.  Ann B.


Thank you so much for your reading.  Your interpretation of the card in my barriers position was definitely spot on.  Patience and practice .. that's the key!  I can resonate too with your reading and interpretation of the other cards.  Thank you again, it is really appreciated.  Lorraine M.





Please note:  All readings are simply a guide.  You always have free will and can make any changes in your life that you wish.  During a reading I will not give specific health, legal or financial advice.  A reading does not compel you to take specific actions.  It only makes suggestions.  These suggestions should be weighed up alongside other information with regard to your specific situation.  I treat all clients as intelligent adults who are able to use their own common sense in their decision making.  In the eyes of the law, in the UK, a reading should be considered as 'for entertainment purposes only' and how you respond to the information given during the reading, is entirely your responsibility.  Clients must be over 18 years old.



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