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2018 - Where to start?


40 years and still going strong! 


Congratulations to FI - 2018 Champions!


Interesting payoff round - 


- Defaults, yes, playoff defaults:


- Vincent's defaulted their first game and that proved to be their undoing. They never really recovered and after finishing first in the regular season they didn't make super Saturday.


- The Plumbers could only manage seven for their game against Dynamic Engineering. PITY


- The little red machine showed plenty of promise but couldn't make it to the final game (maybe they were missing Wayne - their almost constant pick up during the regular season). 


Why has the league been successful? Maybe because the league continues to evolve, we continue to adapt, to change, to grow.


While I cannot speak to the early years I can reflect on the last 20 plus years. There were many positive changes to how the league operates, how we revised our adapted rules for the betterment of the league and therefore the enjoyment of the players. I could list numerous changes but I will stick with just a few. 

  • A team with less than 4 players, even if you pick up enough to play, you get zero points while those that showed up can get a game of ball.
  • A team with 5 players can pick up up to 5 others to make a real game - maybe this needs to be revised upward.
  • Playoffs have evolved to give all teams an additional seven games instead of as little as two post season. years gone by had the top 4 teams in the regular season playing the bottom 4 (1 vs 8, 2 vs 7 etc) - Your season could be over in as little as 2 post season games. There were years where I played 2 post season games and had to watch from the sidelines for a month with no ball. We fixed this a number of years back with the playoff round robin where there were NO PICKUPS - you had to play with what you could bring to the field (I have played with 8 players - winning and losing).
  • The playoffs are supposed to be PLAY WITH YOUR OWN - no pickups period! We have gotten away from this supposedly for the good of the league - my opinion this is to the determent of the league (fun/rec league that it may be). The playoffs are, like it or not, a little more serious than the regular season (the reason for no pickups) lets keep it that way.


What If?


Is it time to add a new category of player? Pick-up list/category?

What about someone who can't commit to the whole season (we have some like this now) but would like to get in a few games of ball? This would bring more players into the league - GROW THE LEAGUE! (This might now go over well with those that like to pick up as many "A" players as they can.


Change number for pick up? Would increasing the number of players required to pick up extras encourage more of your team to show up?


This year's pick up king - Wayne has played 50 plus games.


Jerry seemed to be everywhere especially during the play-offs - well done!


Thank you to the executive for taking on the job!


Looking forward to 2019!




2017 Ramblings

 Year 39 comes to a successful end, all in all another good year!

 Super Saturday:

-          Good weather and a great turnout, biggest crowd in years!

 Champions – Sportscraft! First in the playoff round then they knocked off  Keith’s Takeout in the championship game!

 Every year there are a few things that warrant noting, this year was no exception.

 Wild Equipment:

-          Balls leaping over the outfield fence!

-          Deranged bats trying to escape over the backstop!

 Not easy to stay away - The league is so good that even when you quit you can’t stay away – what a pleasant surprise players quit only return in short order…hard to stay away from the best game in town!!!

 When you think you have seen everything think again:

-          No pick-ups in the playoffs...well, maybe the executive can catch for a team with only 8 players, what the hell why not catch if a team has 9 players???

-          Top seed is home team on Super Saturday except for the championship game, curious.

-          Rescheduling games, a no in 2016 but this year it looks like the league has grown a bit and are trying to accommodate when attendance is an issue.

 UMPS, AGAIN:… Don’t forget John, he did more games than everyone else this year!!!

-          The umps are volunteers – remember that the next time you think you got a bad call!!

-          Baseball playoffs use 6 umps and video replay - they still get it wrong on times!!!

-          One ump often left to do the game alone – pitch in and help!

-          Hands off the umps, even if you are only trying to get their attention or make a point!!!

-          Lighten up, Give them a break! This is supposed to be fun.

Captain my Captain:

-          No captain, Remember when John had to take over as captain (well done, again).

Odds and ends:

-          Three hours between games, a bit much? Maybe the league can look at a different arrangement for future Super Saturdays.

-          Insurance – How many of us have insurance that covers lost time from work due to an injury? If you get hurt on the field and are unable to work what happens? How do you support yourself and your family? If you think that the league should carry insurance contact the executive. Plenty of time to get it in place for next year!

I am sure there is plenty more to be said but this is it for me for this year. 

Not looking forward to a long winter with no ball – hope to see you all next year.


Ramblings - 2015

A very sad end to the year. Take a moment to remember all those that are no

longer with us ... Ken Pennell, what a tragedy -he will be missed.

Congratulations to Colin and his team ‘Vincent’s Auto’ on winning this year’s


The AGM: Goodbye Monday to Thursday ball, hello Sunday to Wednesday ball,

something to do with minor ball wanting an evening time spot so parents could watch

the games? If an evening time was wanted why not take Friday or Saturday or Sunday –

from what I hear they didn’t want those days. ???

The great experiment (Sunday games) has been less than a boon. Defaults galore on

Sundays… If half the players on a team showed up for their Sunday game we would not

have any issues...Show up for your games!

Where next? I know, May 25, clear blue skies, the early game! ‘Things are going to be

different this year’ - the game was called (last inning) at 6:45. It still baffles me – this

did not carry on through the year…I guess things were no different…keep reading.

Communications was very poor this year. How about a bulletin board in the hut?

Would that help?

Now for the playoffs! Remember, ‘things are going to be different this year’, well,

maybe, maybe not.

The play-off round was different this year. Until this year it has always been ‘round 1’

of the regular season.

Super Saturday and who plays. Ties and what then? When is a default/ not a default?

Who knows? A team does not complete 5 innings yet they are awarded points. This had

us with four teams at 4 and 3 – I wonder?

It’s getting way to serious these days. It has gone from all the BS we have to endure

during the games from a very few players to an extreme I have not witnessed in 20

plus years. Lighten up, this is supposed to be fun, no money on the line and very little

prestige. Competitive ball - there are fast pitch leagues.

Before I forget, a big ‘thank you’ to the executive for taking on the job! Also, thank you

to all the guys that show up to ump and tend the shed.

What about accident insurance for the league - everyone needs coverage.

Wondering about next year, Hopefully we will all be back for another go.



Sept 30, 2014. One more time!

Playoffs – Want to see a fun league get serious? Watch the playoffs. It goes from all fun (well mostly) to arguing technicalities to protests. It usually works out one way or another.

May, June and August - Rain, rain, and more rain. More rained out games in a season than I can remember. Letting a little rain reschedule a game - we must be getting older! Or maybe we are finally getting some sense!

Defaults galore! No explaining this one. If you register to play make a good effort to be there. No one wants to go to the field only to go home without playing. After all isn’t that why we are here?

Miracle? Maybe - No one gave Taxi much of a chance this year. All it took was a few defensive moves and Taxi went from 6th place in the regular season to 2nd in the playoff round to this year’s champions! Congratulations!

Injuries and the like plagued Taxi – the executive, in their wisdom (or lack of) granted them 2 new players into round 4. Maybe we have learned from a few years ago when Stoyles was forced to drop out of the playoffs due to a lack of players …Good to see the league grow and adapt.

Breaking a 3 way tie….Glad it wasn’t my job!

A few things to consider:

-         2 teams down 1 point - missed some important duties.

-         To quote Bruce (almost) – the worst thing about Super Saturday is we have to wait until next May for another game.

-         Thanks to our sponsors and

-         Thanks to the executive…not easy dealing with 112 different personalities.

-         We are here to have some fun, let’s remember that.

-         Still the best game in town.

Ted…….See you in 2015!

Still at it - October 15th 2013

Our 35th anniversary!  That’s right, this league has just completed 35 years and it is still the best game in town!

Congratulations to this year’s champions FI Canada. This year John didn’t get burned and they found the legs (remember the final game of 2012) to carry them to the championship. They managed something that has not been seen since the glory years of Stoyles (remember when Tony picked the team) – first place in the regular season and first place in the playoff round.  Well done! 

Pick – ups, a wonderful idea that lets us get in a game of ball if a team finds themselves occasionally lacking ten players.  There would be a lot of forfeits this year without pick-ups, just ask Claude.

A few things to ponder:

-   The AGM was uneventful this year – a great improvement over 2012

-   Claude played over 100 games (first league player to reach this mark)

-   Sportscraft was down 1 point before the playoffs even started. Temper, temper!

-   $2.50 is overpriced but free is OK.

-   Who thought up ‘having a team party’ on Super Saturday?

Pitch in and do your part - Help keep our costs down.

For 35 years this has been the best game in town! Where else can you have this much fun for so little.

Thanks to the executive for all their work throughout the year - we can't function without these folks. Even if you don’t always agree with them, show them some respect. (It can’t be easy dealing with 112 different personalities)

Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters.

Ted…looking forward to 2014!


Still Rambling - Sept 25th 2012.


Congratulations to Stoyles – 2012 Champions!


This has been a mostly uneventful year (unlike 2011). Although the season did get off to a rocky start, at least the AGM was. 


Getting our executive in place was challenging. If you were at the AGM you will know why and if you missed the meeting someone probably told you about it. Nevertheless we did get a fine group to step up and take the helm  thanks guys, good luck carrying out your duties and responsibilities!


Throughout the year it looked like one team (to quote one of our very young fans) was down the drain! It looks like we have another Waldorf or Stadler in the making ensuring that there will be plenty of ridicule from the bleachers for the foreseeable future. 


How about the little RED machine! They had quite the year but couldn’t hold on for Super Saturday. Could it be they couldn’t go the distance without Jeff? Maybe they needed his moral support on Super Saturday, maybe they just needed him on the bench. Jeff didn’t let his old team down, he showed up in uniform and went directly to the little RED dugout! He was promptly told he could not stay there – could this have been the downfall of the little Red machine? I guess we will never know.




Congratulations to Goulds Taxi on finishing 1st in the regular season and again in the playoff round!


Thanks to all our sponsors and other supporters.


This continues to be the best game in town! Where else can you have this much fun.

Pitch in and do your part - Help keep our costs down.


Already looking forward to next season – 2013 will be the league's  35th year! We must be doing something right!




Oct 4, 2011 – Ramblings!

This has to be a year for the record books.


This year we saw more injuries than I have ever seen - everything from a broken jaw to broken toes.

Crutches everywhere on Super Saturday but where was Stoyles???


Thanks to everyone that pitched in again this year to ensure that this league continues to survive.  To those that don't have the time to give, remember it is only through the efforts of many of us that the league functions. Try to find an hour or two to give!


Thanks to the executive for all their work throughout the year - we can't function without these folks.


Along with all the injuries (oddly enough mostly younger players) this has been a year to remember.  Super Saturday brought us good weather and the most unusual playoff round. We saw the 5th place team win the Championship… go figure.

Congratulations to all the teams with a 'WELL DONE' to this years champions, Goulds Taxi. This only goes to show that in this league anything is possible! (How things are possible is often a mystery). 


From where I sit there are a few things to consider:

    - The league should seriously consider and implement sanctions for unsportsmanlike behavior (for everyone, players and executive). We are here to have some fun, lets remember that. 

    - Lets do our best to follow the rules, it should not be to difficult and it will benefit all of us.

-         Show some respect to our executive - these guys earn at least that from all of us – thanks guys. (Its not easy dealing with 112 different personalities)

-         Have fun, help out!  (pitching in and helping keeps costs down…do your part).


See you next year! (hopefully).



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