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For the week of July 17th

Based on current weather conditions, turf grass needs just under one and three quarters inches of water this week. Additionally, the weather forecast is calling for temperatures to rise over the next week, so monitor your lawn and adjust your watering accordingly.
Different sprinklers apply water at different rates, but as an approximate guideline, you would need to run standard spray sprinklers a total of about 70 minutes for the week.  Rotors apply water more slowly, so they need to run around 169 minutes over the course of the week to apply the same amount of water.  If you have multi-stream rotators, you need to run those for 264 minutes for the week.
To determine how long to run sprinklers each watering day, divide the total minutes we’ve given by the number of days you will be watering this week.  For example, if you water 4 days per week, you would run spray sprinklers for 18 minutes each watering day to apply the needed amount of water.  Typical rotors would need to run 42 minutes on each watering day and multi-stream rotators for 66 minutes each watering day.
Additionally, instead of applying all the water in one cycle, break up the watering into three shorter cycles separated by an hour or so. That would mean running spray sprinklers 6 minutes each cycle, rotor sprinklers for 14 minutes and multi-stream rotators 22 minutes.  This will help the water penetrate deeper into the soil.




Weather permitting, the pool will be open from 9:00am to 9:00pm daily. On Wednesdays, the pool will be open from 11:00am to 9:00pm.


Everyone must have signed the new pool release to have access to the pool this summer. If you have not already signed the pool release, CLICK HERE for a copy. Once it is completed and signed, just drop it by the clubhouse office.



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