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Private brokers, intermediaries and agents, wanting to learn and practice how to conduct business properly and effectively, in the very complex and sophisticated realm of importing and exporting  commodities world wide as a business,  may use the advice on this website and purchase publications herein. All publications  offered are specifically  made for first time intermediaries and ill informed brokers trading in commodities and related business of international agency. FTN Exporting Professional Intermediaries are the worlds best informed agents  and traders were rules, laws and lawful procedures apply at all times as a uniform application worldwide, as tested over a great deal of time measured in decades by the creator  FTN exporting CEO, Davide Giovanni Papa. Due to the unique study, the first of its kind, no equivalent study as a single unit is available from universities worldwide.

We apply a lot of rules and laws to arrive at the formidable doctrine of traders developed created and released by FTN Exporting. Applicants become specialist traders. We have  converted complex matters of trade into  every day ‘easy to understand’ language. To offer a  universally acceptable set of uniform trading procedures that any informed  intermediary can use, has taken us 30 year to perfect.  Rules and laws as apparent under, UCP, URC, UNCITRAL, LCIA, INCOTERMS, English Contract Formation Laws, and even our own in-house rules all adds up to delivery a formidable  structured globally uniform doctrine,  that everyone world wide ought to using  including supplier and end buyers, regardless if one is trading in general commodities  or crude oil and fuels.   

FTN Exporting was founded in 1988 by the international best selling Author and Intermediary / trade expert Davide Giovanni Papa, Citizen of Melbourne City, Australia. Prior to release the original study, ‘intermediaries' had no idea of what they were doing and had little knowledge of actual trading rules and procedures. Many were using localised laws and customs when trading internationally creating unworkable procedures than many coming online for the first time would confront and ultimately imitate without understanding that many such traders  have spent years chasing commodity deals which were unworkable and in the majority of cases were fake. FTN Exporting entered the market place in 1988 doing as much as well, except long periods of International trade study, while trading using faxes and telephone, in where within years, a rudimentary doable trading process becomes evident as directly extrapolated from such studies.The result today is that the PCT is trading or a formidable strictly applied platform of uniform rules and laws of trade and agency.The FTN Exporting study of Trade and study was born out of necessity. Intermediaries needed to be educated on a set of legally defined procedures. 

Then came the internet. This circus full of clowns exploded as did scams, fakes deals, and strange unlawful procedures, emanating mostly from American localised procedures and added variants (i.e:ICPO) which cannot be used in ‘International Trade' Business. English law and foreign governance, Informs delivery rules and UCP banking rules, forms the basis in support of the procedures. Added to this basic platform well tested in-house procedures complement the study as explained in the simplest manner, breaking down complex aspects to trade to its core understanding. 

This is a very difficult business to apply even after the study is completed further supporting the premise that those applicants not taking this study will have no prospect of closing any deals, no matter how long they trade on a flawed premise. Those who use our procedures are not being guaranteed success; what is being guaranteed however is that the FTN Exporting trading procedures once mastered and used correctly over time is able to legally close such deals, if the efforts applied are done so on merit.  To make efforts on a premise that does not function, or make such efforts on a premise that is able to close deals, is what’s being offered.

FTN Exporting created and released the very first uniform and universal doctrine of trade made especially for the millions of online  undisciplined  traders and in particular  uninformed  ‘intermediaries’ trying to  trade on very large commodity deals and contract in an effort to earn a  payment of commission. We don’t like using the term ‘intermediary’ as it applies  to define the position of  ‘ill informed traders’ of which many exist online, measured in the millions. We only use the term ‘intermediary’ for educational purposes. 

Once an entity has commences studying our lawful and legally defined process, routine and procedures in  this  emerging business  the applicant  becomes known as a   ‘Professional Commodity Trader’ or ‘PCT.’ This site is made for such first time novice  traders. Once the self study has been  completed taking on average 3 months, history then dictates the rest.


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