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Posted: November 14, 2019

Professional Commodity Trader (PCT)

FTN Exporting is returning to full time trading in 2020 via its personal website  Accordingly, SMICE is now offering to educate export import intermediaries as we return to the base educational aspect in 2020 in servicing  a new breed of  internet savvy applicants  who are interested in this business. Advances trading aspects and updates is found on our trading site in 2020. SMICE is offering educational services for ill informed intermediaries and first time novice traders, predicated on one single premise–the rule of law. To buy and sell commodities as a ‘Professional Commodity Trader’ (PCT) takes time in where an academic level skill set  needs to be learned in the shortest time possible. To commence trading in commodities after following flawed and unworkable procedures found online as applied by other like minded ill informed intermediaries is a waste of time. No deals can be safely closed using flawed and incorrect procedures. FTN Exporting  has served expensive opinions to law firms on VIP’s who faced criminal charges for related matters of fraud. Taking short cuts and using unlawful procedures (crime) ‘does  not pay’ in this business. Applicants who want to give this business ‘a good shot’ must learn acceptable, legal and very safe trading procedures free from the  fear of circumvention or criminal charges. A medium revolving sale could lead to a contract worth a half a billion dollars.Those who  think that such a contract can be transacted upon in an ‘ad hoc’ manner are ‘not thinking straight.’ 

Giving it ‘a good shot’  means that if you don’t hit the ‘bull’s eye,’ you’ll still hit the target.’ 

FTN Exporting has been in business since 1988 at a time when fax machines and key tested telex machines (KTT) ruled the business world.  A page from one of our first websites is still active supporting our claims. The now defunct original FTN Exporting website soon followed which we have kept active to this day.Today this website s ur current educational site; inter alia (amongst other things)  our extensive experience is what we are offering to all intermediaries who are serious about conducting the nature of business being prescribed. With the onset of  the internet, everything about this business literally changed overnight. The internet today has also changed its aspect  even when compared  from ten years ago where doing business online is becoming expensive if you want to remain ranked on the first page, in where advertising,  expensive setup cost ( including adding HTTPS Protocol), security issues, and fake/scam deals is pushing small and medium players away for the level playing field, to favour corporate giants. Having a website no longer increases the chance concluding a business transaction, and is ideal only to promote the traders profile. The only thing the internet is good for as far as the PCT is concerned is to do with  searching for information  and matters of conducting due diligence. An ‘instantaneous’ deal can only be plied part of the way online. Contracting event by serving hardcopy contract via courier postal mail must still apply. More business  could be generated by sending out inquires via  postal mail has become evident–once more, because such letters, will directly reach  the people it’s meant to reach when addressed correctly. There is much said about FTN Exporting and its CEO  online; in short, FTN Exporting CEO Davide Giovanni Papa  created the first uniform legally defined beta doctrine of trade for home based intermediaries and released it online in 2005.This is our legacy to International trade world wide. Our publication has been plagiarised, altered and stolen from day one, where outdated  copies of our doctrine going back to 2005  are being sold today by dishonourable others as being current, causing entities to lose their money. In 2010 our proof-read non beta publication harbouring 80,000 words (International Trade and the Successful Intermediary) was instantly  accepted by a leading  U.K academic  publisher on first presentation and converted to a formal hardcopy edition which became a best seller  in the second year of release. The formal base application found in  ITSI is still valid to this day. An English lawyer encouraged and assisted FTN Exporting to publish our doctrine. Delving in the business of international trade and commodities today is a very complex business application. Doctors, realestate agents, shop owners, labourers, lawyers, accountants, bankers, corporations, scientists, etc.etc.  and many home based traders were all in the same ill informed sinking boat when it came to this business-until our first in house beta  doctrine  was released in 2005. No matter who your are the FTN Exporting  Doctrine of Trade  is an equaliser, because of its unique and exclusive status. The compliments are still ongoing, as better minds than ours have  purchased  and tested the doctrine over a very long period.FTN Exporting also commenced trading in 1988 following what other ill informed traders were doing via fax, and later the internet. It was an expensive  business back then–no sales, in where every month  a fax bill for  thousands of dollars, had sent many traders broke. I can  still recall a local accountant showing me his phone bill for $15,000, who could not sustain the loss. Back then, as today ill informed intermediaries where applying unworkable procedures as copied from other ‘clowns’ that were simply unable to close deals–not even come close to sealing  such complex deals applied to products like Crude oil, D2, Jet fuels, grains, metal etc.. In effect a lot of ignorant people  today  are attempting to trade in commodities  as it was in 1988 except toady  such ill informed traders will come  across a highly informed FTN Exporting  educated  traders who are not defined as an  intermediary, but a Principal and informed specialist trader and ‘PCT.’ Such ill informed traders  soon realised that their ill informed  way of trading  quickly came to an end shortly after their debut,  thanks to our efforts and uniform and formidable  doctrine of trade which has now  become a mainstream applications world wide.

“It costs nothing to scour the internet and follow what ill informed others are doing–in return, nothing will be earned.” 

The nature of business is very complex. We gave up trading in an ill informed manner  early  as it soon became apparent after taking up international trade studies at a local college,  that  terms such as LOI, ICPO, ASWP, NCNDA, SLC, PB, FCO, BCL, MPO, etc.etc and the attributes pertaining to closing procedures didn’t even appear in the studies. I had realised that the procedures I had copied from others were all wrong. FTN Exporting extrapolated from the trade studies  the very same  procedures that suppliers and end buyers were using ( or ought to be using)  to create the rudimentary uniform legally defined set of procedure proper, that all intermediaries come PCT should and could use. After decades of practice, success and serious  mistakes made while trading, all such added ‘discoveries’ were also added to the  FTNX doctrine of trade and process. The doctrine will disclose to the applicant  what to do and what they MUST not do intently. 

 “There is no other safe way to trade in commodities while ensuring  no circumvention is possible–which has always been a primary issue.”


You want  to trade in commodities as a professional trader ? You must become informed first, so as to remove the maligned ‘intermediary tag.’ Becoming and informed  ‘Buyer and Seller’ takes between 3 and 5 months of study (reading). The study period is over as the PCT now enters the market place one step at a time. The rest is about practice and gaining experience until you come face to face with one lucrative deal  within your  grasp.  Such a deal often first appears for most  after a year of practising and fine tuning the process in live deal event as you propagate your informed status work wide. A number of potential deals needs to fail before success finally becomes evident. This is your time to shine.This is where one single revolving deal could generate  a life time of earnings  while working as your own ‘boss’ when compared being employed  for others, in a job that you may not even like. This is  why  applicants  already employed, should remain employed while  trading in their spare time, as this business will initially ‘not pay the bills.’ 


“When you break down a complex matter, lot of  ‘bits and pieces’ are revealed.”

This is a difficult but very doable  business to enter into; difficult not because of procedures  but because so much academic level material  needs to be learned in such a small period of time as explained in the most simplest manner possible–taking well over 300,000 words  minimum to do so.  Trading in commodities is also one of the most exciting business applications  to attempt in where a low outlay and no degree held, could produce a financially lucrative result–for some. Anyone one can enter this business if they become informed first, especially applicants looking into the future  and a possible career change.  If the trading ‘bug bites,’ you’ll become addicted to trying ‘forever.’ If there is a secret to this business ; once you start trading ‘don’t stop’ even after you’ve closed your first deal. The term ‘for some’ is  clearly stated. Opening up any business  will not guarantee success. 

“If you are looking for trading success and a guarantee, you’ve come to the wrong place. We are not offering a ‘get rich quick scheme’ but a highly unique and exclusive educational service.”

FTN Exporting does not guarantee trading successful because a person has purchase our publication. Only a fool would do as much, or expect as much. Personal efforts and abilities plays a major role ( abilities  to read and write, to make good documents and the likes). If you want to trade in commodities then you must apply yourself intently; or try some other kind of business more suited to your own abilities. New business operations initiated by new operators often go bust within the first few years, in most leading economies, year  upon year. The proprietor often also loses large sums of money in such failed ventures especially those associated with the hospitality industry. Every person has different capabilities; in where  no expensive setting up costs will be lost with this ‘walk of off the street’ business potential is a redeeming feature. The risk is associated only with the purchase of the doctrine and the ability of the applicant. The procedures and doctrine when applied properly is able to close such deals correctly, safely legally and lawfully is the assurance we are serving. Hence this is why we are able to only offer an educational service.Those looking for guarantee, most could not afford  the buy-in price, if such an offer was being prescribed by FTN Exporting. As far as FTN Exporting sales is concerned; we never disclose this aspect as it’s irrelevant and serves false hope and delivers the wrong perception. We are serving an educational service is the assumption that must  made  by the applicant from the start.  

Welcome to SMICE where the worlds best-informed commodity traders emanate from.