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It's All About Story

Since 2008 my work has f
ocused on family, cultural and community history. My journey began with a series of artwork on family history which led to an exploration of related topics.

Recent series include:

The Silence Speaks Loudly (Lithuania), an exploration of how Holocaust history is being rewritten in Lithuania and the stories of the former Jewish community that remain. (2009)

A Hole in Time (Poland), a visit to the pre-war Jewish community of Radom, Poland (2010)

The Jewish Identity and Legacy Project, artwork developed from oral histories with elders at a senior residential facility. The work is continuing through talks and a book
out in October 2017. (2011-present)

Dvora's Story, an exploration of one survivor's experience through story and imagery.  This interview addresses how I began to paint stories related to the Holocaust.(2014-2015)

The Jewish Artists' Lab, a project with local artists where we explored a topic through study and art culminating in an exhibition. (2013-present)

Memory is my newest series still under construction.  As so much of my work deals with memory, I decided to explore the topic of loss of memory.  As I've supported aging parents who were losing memory, I became both a keen observer and a participant in this experience. (2014-present)

Story is central to my work and I share them verbally as well as through artwork, text and video.  By combining imagery and story, I seek to embed story in memory.


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Upcoming Exhibitions & Events

We Spoke Jewish:
A Legacy of Stories
Now Available!


My book weaves together the stories and artwork of  the Jewish Identity and Legacy series.  Published in cooperation with the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest, it tells the story of the Jewish immigrants of the 20th century. 

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