Mindful Swimming with Chie Cross
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One-to-One Swimming Lessons in Norwich

Chie is now able to offer one-to-one lessons in the water at a number of private pools in Norwich.

For details please email

or phone 0777 2262628.

  “Breathing was my problem, I held my breath under the water. Chie has taught me how to breathe freely as I flow through the water. I was a bit afraid, Chie has helped me learn to float and shown me that the water does half of the work for me. Chie was in the water with me and with a gentle guiding hand my body responded and helped me experience something new." (Liz Eeley)

  "Transformation! For as long as I can remember I had avoided every activity involving water. Particularly the idea of my head being submerged for even a few seconds filled me with anxiety. In the first few lessons with Chie this fear completely melted away. I began to thoroughly enjoy my lessons to such an extent that in less than twelve months the swimming pool became my favourite environment in which to explore the free use of the body, and I continue to have a great deal of fun in the water." (Robert Woodward)

  When I first met Chie I was an extremely nervous non swimmer in my late fifties. Since then, over time and with her wonderful patient teaching she has taught me and given me the confidence to learn breaststroke, front crawl and backstroke. She is now teaching me butterfly. Her lessons are always fun and I look forward to every one. Am now able to thoroughly enjoy being in the water and swimming with the family. It is a wonderful and life changing experience and I love every minute. (Henrietta MacCurrach)

  “I went to my first swimming lesson with Chie when I was about 40. I had already tried learning to swim a few years before but it hadn’t been a success; this time, however, it was different: Chie was immensely patient and had great sensitivity. I was taught to keep my head under water, to pay attention to my body to be able to recognize when tension was building up and how this affected my movements. She coaxed and challenged, encouraged and made corrections, and never failed to make me feel good about my efforts. I learned to swim in the end, and it has been one of my greatest successes. Thank you!” (Tiziana Fiorito)

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