The Oregon Substitute Teachers Association is a professional organization of Oregon substitute teachers that works hard to raise the image and professionalism of substitute teachers and to gain economic benefits. It's the only organization working primarily for substitute teachers.

    OSTA has been working for you since 1975.

The statewide minimum daily substitute teacher salary for 2017-2018 is $178.35. Through OSTA’s efforts, the salary was set in law in 1975 to keep pace with Oregon’s beginning teachers. Over the years we have added a minimum half day and a long term salary after ten days. Please join OSTA and support our efforts on behalf of all substitute teachers in Oregon.

The requirement of recent teaching experience (180 days) to renew a teaching license has been repealed.  For a Substitute Teaching License, no PDUs or recent experience are required as of July 1, 2015. This exemption of PDU requirements will be revisited in Spring 2018. For Basic, Standard, Continuing, or Initial II licenses, you must complete 25 hours per year of continuing professional development. A form on which to document your PDUs and a list of approved activities may be obtained from the website Renewal application will be sent to TSPC with your application fee. You will send your PDU documentation to the assigned ESD and pay $25 for the evaluation.


    A reminder from TSPC rules

  • "(2) The ethical educator, in fulfilling obligations to the district, will: (e) Not use the district's or school's name, property, or resources for non-educational benefit without approval of the educator's supervisor or the appointing authority."