The average dog (30 lbs) fed a standard commercial diet, will consume 9 pounds of chemical additives in a year.

      Bright clear eyes, clean teeth, good breath, brilliant coat sheen, and a playful happy attitude: a healthy pet. Isn't this what most pet owners want for their pets? Can we attain this goal by feeding our pets chemicals mixed with meat and grain waste from the human food industry? Cancers, rotten meat, meat and by-products from diseased animals; chemicals for: color, preservation of fast cooked food, texture and more are used in the pet food industry. Then to entice your pet to eat what it normally may not, they commonly spray it with used restaurant grease (giving pet food its "stink"). Is this what we want to use to make a healthy diet for our pets?
    Chemical additives in your pet's food may not be in the ingredients. Companies only have to list what they put in the food. Fats already preserved with
chemicals can be put in the foods and still all that will be listed on your ingredient label is something like: Chicken Fat. Flint River Ranch's fats are preserved with Vitamin E. Flint River Ranch's natural dog and cat foods contain no chemical additives, by-products or low quality fillers, it is made of MEAT MEAL, which is ground up dehydrated MEAT. It is preserved with vitamin E, and vitamin C, and its minerals are chelated, which is the most absorbable form of minerals. Also as you can see from the chart, you feed less and save money.
What makes Flint River Ranch all natural pet food different than other foods?
    #1 The ingredients, #2 The cooking process, and #3 the Price.....

    Meat Quality: The meats in Flint River Ranch's natural pet foods are human grade.
     Most dog foods contain meat byproducts rather than meat. Meat byproducts are animal proteins that are not considered fit for human consumption, including livestock that was euthanized do to illness/injury. They include things like intestines, feet, heads, ect. Samples of commercial dog foods have been shown to contain pentobarbital, the chemical used in the euthanasia of animals! Poison used to KILL animals in your pet's food?! This was considered safe for your pet after testing it's effects on dogs for only 8 weeks (do dogs only eat food for eight weeks?). Perhaps this chemical is not found in high enough amounts to kill your animal in such a short amount of time, but what is this doing to your pet's health over the years? What happens when this chemical is fed to animals over generations? This has not been researched.
   It is possible for a company to put one organic chicken in 50 tons of food and legally say they use organic, range fed chicken. Some manufacturers take this option. While we purchase as much organic chicken as possible, we prefer to more correctly say that we use human quality chicken.
   Lamb: Flint River Ranch uses range fed lamb.
   Menhaden Fish - A herring-like fish found along the North Atlantic coast of the United States - the flesh is an excellent source of menhaden oil for coat and skin. Fish is a prime source of a complete protein - it includes all the essential amino acids. Rich in unsaturated fats (Omega 3 fatty acids), Vitamins A, K and E, and also contains iodine, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and copper.
   Fats: Flint River Ranch's fats are preserved with Vitamin E rather than Ethoxyquin. Companies can put fats preserved with ethoxyquin in their food, and not have to put it in the ingredient list, since they did not directly add it to the food.
    Grain Quality:
Flint River Ranch uses human quality grains. Not just offal of the human food industry like most pet foods. This also helps ensure the grain is safe, free form deadly molds or contaminants. This is a huge reason why Flint River Ranch has never been a part of a pet food recall. There is no corn in the Dog formulas, as dogs do not digest it well. Cats are able to utilize the nutrition in corn and it is included in the feline formulas.
    Mineral Quality:
Flint River Ranch minerals are Chelated. What does this mean? They are bonded with amino acids (protein), so that they are easily absorbed by the body.
Lecithin protects cells from damage caused by oxidation. Lecithin is largely composed of the B vitamin choline - with linoleic acid and inositol.
The different proteins in flax provide a high proportion base of unsaturated, essential fatty acids and dietary fiber. Flax is recognized for its potential in reducing the risk of some chronic diseases as well as improving the thickness and sheen of the coat. It provides a great benefit to oven-baked food by resisting oxidation for the baking process and improving the product shelf life.
So, we have good quality ingredients, but this is just the first part. The cooking process is just about as important as the ingredient quality, a poor cooking process can destroy the nutrients in food.

    Most dog foods are cooked by what is called extrusion, a fast (usually less than 3 minutes) steam cooking process. The food is quickly cooked at a high temperature with steam, then extruded under extreme pressure through a metal die and expanded with air. This process makes for uniform kibble shape, but does not produce the highly digestible food that the oven baking process creates.
    Flint River Ranch's natural dog foods are not extruded under such high heat, but slowly oven baked. This makes for a highly digestible food that does not bloat when wetted. Many suspect extrusion to be a component in bloat.
   Does your current pet's food company want you to know so much information on their food? Maybe there is a reason.

   What good is a high quality food if you can't afford it? Flint River Ranch's natural dog food and cat food often costs less or the same to feed as lesser quality foods. Flint River Ranch does not pay for all those fancy ads, their distributors do the advertising for them. Flint River Ranch does cost more per pound than a lot of foods, but you don't have to feed so much to make up for fillers, sometimes a lot less. Your average 50 lb. dog will eat a little over 2 cups a day of Flint River Ranch. My dogs both eat less than Flint River Ranch recommends, despite their fair activity level. They are kept outside on 12.5 acres. Also, it is my belief that feeding Flint River Ranch will result in less vet bills, and anyone who has had a sick pet knows how expensive a short stay in the animal hospital can be.
Why not try a sample of Flint River Ranch and see how much your pet likes the taste of good nutrition? One is not able to see the health differences in just one feeding though, so you can buy a months supply of food with the 15% off new customer discount and see the difference in your pet.
(chemical used for Euthanization of animals) in dog food! After finding Pentobarbital in MANY brands of dog food, apparently due to euthanized sick/injured livestock being used in dog foods, the FDA tested the effects of this chemical in your pets food on dogs for only 8 weeks to see if it was harmful before giving it the ok! Dogs eat food their entire lives, not just 8 weeks. Rather than see what we can feed dogs without killing them, we should be trying to see what we should feed them to be thier healthiest! The link follows:
FDA report
Learn more about what is in pet food with this link, and rest assured that Flint River Ranch natural pet foods do not contain these harmful ingredients listed, as it is human grade and oven baked: *
*This site mentions that you feed 20%-25% of an oven baked food than extruded, but not by weight. This is true if the ingredients are the same. You do generally feed significantly less by weight with Flint River Ranch's natural cat and dog foods, because it also doesn't have all those fillers.
See Flint River Ranch compared to other natural dog foods
  Interested put worried a picky pet won't like the food? Sample packs are available by clicking the sample button to the left.
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