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Namaste and Welcome

I am glad you stopped by.  (For optimal viewing, this website is best accessed through your computer.)

As a Sacred Energy Healer and Coach, it is my pleasure to provide you an uplifting heart centered approach to my services.  I honor each client as a sacred individual -- with unique needs, desires, goals, and personalities.   Understanding this and utilizing innate abilities and knowledge of the Sacred, I flow into connection and will guide you there with me; rather than focusing elsewhere onto pointed techniques and in-the-box thinking.  Techniques are great in certain situations, for specific concerns and even personalities....and some are great for sentient homework.  However, our personal perceptions can be limiting, and it may better serve us to remember that Loving and Healing comes from the heart and is about connection and being Present. You'll enjoy the quality of my presence and an inviting and safe healing space of tenderness where you may learn to awaken your breath, hear your inner voice, and reconnect with the divine within.  My spiritual development and services are real.  So, please be authentic in what you seek.    Please, sit back and enjoy my website prior to contact.

Live simply, Love generously, Care Deeply,
and Speak/Act kindly.
Leave the rest to God.
And every day will be a thanksgiving.

Creative Energy is within each of us and when we tap into it, we increase our Passion in our Connections with all of life.  Our Creative/Sensual Energy is intertwined with and Connects us to the Spiritually Sacred...which is Divine Energy.  My greatest intent is to enlighten you, bring you joy, leave you feeling connected, and encourage your growth and own connections.  My hope is to inspire your Spirituality, Gifts, and Healing...and to open your Loving Heart. 

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