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It is not a field of a few acres of ground, but a cause that we are defending,

and whether we defeat the enemy in one battle, or by degrees, the concequences will be the same.

Thomas Paine

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Many years ago, when my own family member suffered abuse in a nursing home, I realized first hand that some of these "caring" facilities fail to live up to their commitments and keep our loved ones in a safe, clean environment. Instead, studies have shown that long-term residents of these homes have either been witness to or directly suffered neglect or abuse. It's appalling.

It was at this time that I began a crusade of helping others fight for the rights of our most vulnerable citizens, those that might otherwise not be able to recount their experiences because they are mentally incapable or they're fearful of the physical repercussions. Either way, I made it my business to learn to recognize the vast signs of neglect and abuse on my own. And I bring this experience to assist you.

I have fought thousands of successful cases on behalf of my clients, fighting the homes that have crossed this line and punishing them where it hurts them the most, and I offer you my help in getting the justice you deserve.

Call me anytime to set up a free consulting appointment. If I agree to accept your case, I will fight vigourously for your rights, and except for any out of pocket costs that I may incur, you'll pay me nothing unless I am successful.

David Grossman.

I have been where you are now.

● Malnutrition

● Hazardous Surroundings

● Dehydration

● Chronic Infections

● Untreated Bed Sores

● Soiled Clothing

● Lack of Bathing

● Unsanitary Conditions

● Cuts, Welts, and Bruises

● Reports of Falls/Wandering

Know some of the signs:

Don't let any abuse or change  in your loved one's overall demeanor go unnoticed. By knowing what to watch for, you'll be taking your first step toward insuring their quality of life. Neglect here is the culprit. With every visit you make, be mindful of  his or her surroundings, their personal hygiene, and general behavior. Watch for all the flag raising issues on this brief list:

I have been practicing law for over 20 years, with an emphasis in Nursing Home Abuse. Through my representation, I have become a successful advocate for the rights of the powerless among us. Your financial status should not keep you from getting the help you need to prepare a successful case in this respect. I offer you risk-free representation with NO FEES unless we win. To learn more about how I can help you gain access to the justice you deserve in other legal areas as well, and what my fees would be for those services, please call me to schedule your free consultation at 631.352.0146, or you can contact me by email or the form in the lower left of every page. Either way, I'm here to let you know how I can help.