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    Elaine Romaine was born in New York, educated at Fordham University Oxford and N.Y.U., and has been published as a poet and fiction  writer for many years. She has also published under the name, Romaine Murphy. Her work has appeared in many anthologies, including  The Dream Book: Italian-American Women Writers.  She was the founder of one of the first women's literary journals, Gravida in the 1970's. She received three resident fellowships to Yaddo through a recommendation by Hayden Carruth. She also received as Literature and Science  Fellowship to study Mary Shelley and nineteenth century science. Her most recent work is the novel, The Geography of Lies by Bellowing Ark Press.





Mistress Quickly

Mistress quickly, pretty ape with pretty tongue,

I am a fake siren turning over for a rub, I am

your entertainment and caution. I seem gentle.

It is a way to avoid trouble.

I seem complex. You can forgive me anything.

I am loyal. To my faults.

I am  a fox with big teeth, better to eat you with.

The wolf slathering her tongue over your pelt for nits,

I am idealistic. In my disappointments.

Jackal, pig in the bush, milk snake

I teethed for a suck.

I am the slug on the rose, the mole in the garden.

I am dame rush out the mother hole,

My pretty brood waits

To nick your calf, bite your ankle.

I gather words with teeth quicker than two vipers.

I am prepared to lie.

To get at the truth.





Text Box: Poems:

Individual poems have appeared in North American Review, Hollins Critic, Belles Letters, American Literary Review, Bellowing Ark Review, Current, Georgia Review Women's Quarterly, 13th Moon, William and Mary Review, Oyez Review, Texas Review, Kansas Quarterly, New Laurel Review, Off Our Backs, Pulp, Connections, among many others.
Text Box: Book of Poems: 
Scripta de Rerum Naturum, 2015
Full Fathom Five, Bellowing Ark Press
The Molly Bloom Poems, Pulp Press, Canada
Five Women Poets, Gravida

Text Box: Fiction:
A Geography of Lies: Bellowing Ark Press
Festa: Short Stories:
Safekeeping: A Novel, finalist for Heekin Award
Text Box: Anthologoies:
The Dream Book, American Book Awards, 1985
Against Infinity, Primary Press 1980
Against Infinity, Prima/ Find, Crossing Press, 1993