Welcome to MADVILLA Ranch, home to two herds of miniature donkeys and three donkey-loving humans.   One herd is the rare Blue Eyed Whites and the even more rare, Spotted Blue Eyed Whites.   The second herd is a mix of colors ranging from sorrel to dark brown, black and the traditional gray-dun.   Our herd sires produce beautifully formed and well natured foals.  We have strong bloodlines in both herds.  

MVR Minis was born in 2012 when I met a man named Jerry Persinger with Gold Mine Farms, and two little red donkeys, Forrest & Jenny, in Livingston Texas.  I was a 'donkaholic' from that moment. 

I bought those two little red donkeys and a ranch in the same week, and we packed up and moved from our subdivided home to our new country home and adventure ......... MADVILLA Ranch.

We are still young and are building our herd as we go ― breeding and buying only the best to make beautiful foals 36' and under of ALL colors.   Our minis are halter trained, walk on lead and stand quietly for the farrier; they are ready for their new forever homes by six months of age. 

We are true DONKAHOLICS here at MVR.  We have minis to standard to mammoth size, but we specialize in breeding ADMS registered minis for sale, as well as training our minis for therapy services.  We teach them to work with mentally and physically challenged children and adults.

We are involved in at least two charity events each year.  This allows us to share and give back the blessings that come from us just having the opportunity of being a part of these wonderful little animals lives.  It also gives me a chance to try and educate others on how significant, kind and loving our donkeys, all donkeys are to people.

Our donkeys are so loveable and have such wonderful personalities that we are also available for parties, special events and parades as well as photography sessions. Our little donks love to dress up in costume, and children light up when they see these little donkeys all dressed up and waiting to pose for pictures with them.  We have four miniature ponies for parties as well.

We are looking forward to many days of love and fun with our minis here at MVR while breeding and training them for show and sale.  We hope you will love our minis too!  So keep checking back with us, we are growing everyday!  Have a happy new day from us and all our long ears at MVR!!

A hug from a donkey is like a hug from Heaven itself.


We are working hard to get our website up and running with information
regards the many activities we do with our animals in addition
to establishing two breeding herds.  Please come back often and
visit our other pages as they are available!

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