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About the Kenosha Running Club

The Kenosha Running Club was founded in 1978 by Kenosha's Jim Ryan and was its first president.  The club now has about one hundred members.
The club puts on two races a year and it is expected that all members help in some way for one of these events. Proceeds from the races go to Kenosha area charities which have health and fitness as an important part of their service

The Kenosha Running Club is a collection of runners - from the avid racer to the casual runner; from the 5k distance to ultra-marathoners.  Surely there's a place in the club for a runner like you!

Check out our Membership and Calendar pages to find out more.

Club Goals

The Kenosha Running Club exists to promote running, health and fitness in the Kenosha area.
The club is meant to be a gathering place for all runners, both competitive and non-competitive, and it equally values all its members, elite runners and weekend joggers alike. The club seeks to meet the social needs of its members and to be a responsible and contributing part of its community.

Elected Officals and Board Members

Dave Dusenberry,

VPDave Perugini,
Vice President

TresTroy Holm, Treasurer

Liz Bower,

Brian Falcone,
Race Director/Board Member

Patty Bauer, Activities Director/Board Member

Omar Flores, Board Member

Mark Maruer,
Board Member

board5Pam Norris,
Board Member

Dave Jordan,
Board Member