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Autumn Run Retrievers

Autumn Run is the work of Andy Attar who trains around 22 dogs and runs about 15-20 trials a year. The truck is made up of various age dogs from derby to all age. Presently there are more all-age dogs. A normal training day will find a handful of clients along with Andy training 2-3 tests/drills per day. Often there is a spot available to train an extra dog. When Andy is trialing, the non trial dogs are being trained. Autumn Run spends 8 months in Princeton, WI (1 hour north of Madison) and 3 months in Cairo, GA (45 minutes north and west of Tallahassee, FL). Although we have done plenty of basics dogs, we usually only accept dogs that have completed this stage of training. Our goal is to develop all-age dogs and to teach handlers how to be all-age trainers and handlers.

Training Policy

There are four ways to provide payment for training offered by Autumn Run. We offer daily, monthly and 32 week training rates with an installment payment schedule. Longer-term sublets are also available with required notice. Please inquire if interested.


Autumn Run Retrievers promises to treat your dog as their own and will always put the dog's well- being above all else. For the past 22 years, our experience has shown that this has been the most important factor in our success. Furthermore, we will strive to work as a team with our clients so as to encourage your relationship with your dog to be a very productive one. The training of great dogs demands teamwork on all sides. We promise a commitment to this teamwork and ask you for the same. We have committed ourselves to this life style and every effort will be made to produce the very best running dogs. This is a wonderful sport and as a team we can derive a tremendous amount of enjoyment from it.


Contact Info


Wisconsin - summer
W1617 Cty. J
Princeton, WI 54968
920 293-5076

Georgia - winter
229 762-4902


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