Macro & Scenic Photos


Welcome to my photographic world...

I've been interested in photography for quite some time. Years ago, while I was attending college, I had the opportunity to work part time for a photographer who was employed by an advertising agency in Philadelphia, PA. Most of our work was table top photography with an occasional outside location shoot. We did all of our own black & white and color film processing as well as all our photo printing. It was a great learning experience for me.  Over the years though, I turned away from photography, got my business degree and started a career in banking which recently ended in retirement after thirty-eight years.


A number of years ago I reacquainted myself with photography and became interested in macro photography. It's fascinating. I know people who travel great distances to photograph wildlife and our beautiful American countryside, however if you have limited time or funds to travel, consider macro photography. Every inch of your backyard can become an adventure. It's teaming with life.
Please take a few minutes to look at my photographs and let me know what you think.

Len Fedullo


Last up dated: 08/24/16